About 3B Scientific
Almost seven decades ago Paul Binhold, the founder of today’s 3B Scientific, embarked on his journey into medical education and revolutionized the educational landscape by developing the first lightweight, non-breakable, plastic human skeleton. Since then our high quality, non-toxic and durable products, our high level of customer service and best value product proposition has made us a trusted leader in the global healthcare education sector with representation in more than 100 countries.

Medical Education and Simulation
We at 3B Scientific are proud of our strong history in the development, production and marketing of anatomical models and medical simulators that are serving educators in tens of thousands of high schools, universities, medical schools and many other educational institutions globally.

Science Education
We believe teachers, using our interactive models and experiments, will not only enable students to retain knowledge, but inspire and invoke a sense of curiosity in them.

A student may hear about the process of osmosis, but seeing it and interacting with it produces curiosity that drives them to expound upon it. It is in this advanced process that our world has gone from the light bulb to space exploration, from shamanism to modern medicine, from the earth being a flat surface to a globe tilting on an axis.

3B Scientific offers a full range of professional products for physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and more.

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3B Scientific - Human anatomy models
Human torso models for the classroom
3B Scientific - Anatomical models
Anatomy models for patient education
3B Scientific- Therapy and Fitness equipment
Exercise and rehabilitation products
3B Scientific - Clinical Skill Trainers
Skill training for IV injections
3B Scientific - high quality anatomical models
Hand painted and quality controlled
3B Scientific - Airway manegement trainers
Airway management training