Enhance competence and confidence with the new PPH Trainer

The new Post-Partum Hemorrhage Trainer from 3B ScientificĀ® is designed to be an affordable, versatile and realistic training tool, which will enhance the competence and the confidence of the healthcare professional providing postpartum care and managing postpartum bleeding.

  • Offers 3 different postpartum hemorrhage bleeding natures: uterus, cervix and vaginal bleeding
  • Allows simulation of a postpartum bleeding up to 1500 ml
  • Practice the fundal massage and perform bimanual compression
  • Uncomplicated settings and easy adjustable uterine tone
Simulation of a complete and incomplete placenta delivery
Identification of the PPH bleedings nature with 3 possible bleeding settings: urethral, cervical and vaginal
Perform bimanual compression Easily adjustable uterine tone with the pump attachement

Other procedures include:

  • Practice the fundal massage
  • Atonic uterus management
  • Visual estimation of the blood loss volume up to 1500 ml
  • Practice catheterization with CH 14 catheter