Getting Ready for Winter with Traditional Chinese Medicine

As autumn approaches, we’re excited to introduce you to a brand new therapeutic range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from specialists Fitoki. Whilst it’s tempting to pull on the heavy boots and jumpers and slump on the sofa with comforting snacks, keeping fit and healthy through the colder months isn’t as difficult as you might think […]

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Hay fever – Nothing to Sniff About

If you’re one of the millions of people who start sneezing as soon as spring arrives and trees and flowers start to shower us with their pollen, then you’ll know exactly what hay fever is all about. Streaming eyes, blocked nose, sneezing, itching skin – it’s not a lot of fun. There’s still lots we […]


Infant Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture has been back in the news recently after a report that excessive crying in babies can be effectively treated by a course of acupuncture. A study of babies suffering from colic was carried out by a team at Lunds University in Sweden and found that babies who were treated […]


Handy Tips for Hand Rehabilitation

With advancing years we have to acknowledge the effects of age on our bodies but we often don’t give a thought to our hard-working hands.  In one person’s lifetime they will flex and extend their fingers, on just one hand, around 25 million times! Did you know that around 1/4 of all your body’s bones […]


Ultrasound – Beneath the Surface

What's the Best Way To Train People to Diagnose With Ultrasound? The science of sound – or acoustics to use the proper term – is nothing new. Greek mathematician Pythagoras knew about sound waves 2,500 years ago, and in the 18th century scientists were aware that sound ranged beyond that which was able to be […]


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – You Can Help Too!

The impact of childhood cancer on a family can naturally be devastating. The innocence of childhood play, lost forever in hospitals, and even for those fortunate survivors, the after effects of this terrible disease means adult life, often, will never be the same.  In the US alone, each year, almost 16,000 children under age 21, […]


How can Complementary Therapy Help Breast Cancer Patients?

Receiving treatment for Breast Cancer doesn’t end once the initial treatments and surgeries have been carried out.  Many patients receive additional medical therapies and drugs.  Unfortunately, drugs such as tamoxifen and raloxifene have side effects that include hot flashes, night sweats, leg cramps and a small risk of uterine cancer, blood clots, stroke & liver […]


Kinesiology Tape Training Boosts Skills for Physical Therapists

One technique that’s bound to be much in evidence in therapy clinics this Fall and Winter is the use of kinesiology tape.  Many Physical Therapists are adding to their skills portfolio by embarking on Kinsiology Taping Training.

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