Discover the new LIFElike Gynecologic Skills Trainer

Lifelike realism makes the new Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91 an excellent and versatile hands-on tool. Trainees will develop the confidence and skills needed to provide high-quality, comprehensive care to their patients during gynecologic examination.

  • Lifelike abdominal cover made of high-quality silicone offers realistic bimanual palpation experience
  • Multiple interchangeable pathologic or normal uteri and cervices
  • Realistic flexibility of the vaginal canal and real resistance during speculum insertion
  • Full bladder simulation possible to restrict palpation of anatomical structures


Using the new Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91 will provide invaluable experience on various gynecologic procedures:

Perform bimanual examinations with palpable, realistic, normal and abnormal uteri
Perform vaginal examination with speculum
Practice use of tenaculum and Pap test procedure for cervical screening
Train vaginal examination and visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices
Practice catheterization
Suppository administration in the patent rectum

Multiple interchangeable uteri to teach specific skills to all training levels:

  • Normal uterus
  • Bicornate uterus
  • Stretched uterus with removable myomas
  • Big size uterus (13 cm large, 11 cm high)

The normal uterus can be used to simulate an anteflexed sinistroponed uterus or a retroflexed dextoponed uterus
The myomas are removable to offer more than one anatomical configuration of this pathologic uterus

6 interchangeable cervices for visual recognition of normal and abnormal characteristics including:

  • Nulliparous or para 0
  • Multiparous
  • Cervical erosion (ectropion)
  • Cervical dysplasia
  • Carcinoma
  • Barrel-shaped carcinoma