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Learn about 3B’s new and exciting products in medical simulation and anatomy

Gynecologic Skills Trainer

Lifelike realism makes the new Gynecologic Skills Trainer an excellent hands-on tool.


Enhance competence and confidence with the new Post-Partum Hemorrhage Trainer.

Suture Practice Arm

Experience the most realistic training with the new Suture Practice Arm.

Flexible Pelvis

Our new pelvic bone models are naturally cast from a female pelvis.

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Gynecologic Skills Trainer
Lifelike realism makes the new Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91 an excellent and versatile hands-on tool. Explore it!
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Post-Partum Hemorrhage Trainer
Enhancing the competence and the confidence of the healthcare professional. See what its all about in this video.

Operative Experience (OEI)

Realistic open patient simulators for a true-to-life operative experience

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