3B Scientific and Skillqube GmbH Sign International Cooperation Agreement

In January 2019, 3B Scientific signed a joint cooperation agreement with Skillqube GmbH aimed at improving the education and training of pre-clinical personnel through the distribution of patient simulation systems worldwide. Skillqube complements the extensive 3B Scientific product portfolio of highly-realistic medical simulators. Skillqube will support 3B Scientific’s worldwide distribution with their expertise in the […]

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What’s NASA Ever Done For Planet Earth?

– Why Looking For Other Planets and Life Forms Benefits Our Planet. Since President Eisenhower founded NASA and began the space race in 1958, fewer than 600 people have travelled into space. This is a tiny proportion of the world’s population, but the scientific advancements required for space flight have crossed over into our everyday […]

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Driven by Sunshine – What’s the Future for Solar Transport?

With daily news on declining oil reserves, shrinking rainforests from deforestation, not to mention the effect burning fossil fuels continues to have on the health of our planet, putting the magnificent energy source shining above us to good use, seems worthy of exploration.

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The Happiness Blanket – Reading Brainwaves not Thoughts

What if you could actually see what your customers were feeling.  That was the idea behind the recent partnership between British Airways and neurofeedback technology companies MyndPlay and NeuroSky. British Airways recently tested out a headset that, coupled to specially designed blanket with fibre optics woven into it, would be able to sense the passengers […]

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Why you should worry about the decline of STEM

The Royal Academy of Engineering has just released a report stating that whilst engineers underpin the UK economy, they are in short supply.  Worryingly, this appears to be a common theme in the United States too.  Schools, these days it seems, are simply not producing enough STEM graduates. How can we address this issue?

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