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Sunshine for Sale

Growing Demand for Solar Energy Leads to Possibility of Power Imports The UK government is committed to ambitious renewable energy targets as part of an international agreement to reduce global warming. The current target is for 15% of the UK’s energy should be from renewable sources by 2020. We’ve a long way to go to […]

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The Power of Solar Energy – Are You On Board?

The reality that our excessive and continual consumption of fossil fuels is slowly but surely causing devastating effects on planet Earth, is sinking in. Small pockets of global economies are simultaneously recognizing the potential of natural resources, wind, solar and water, in harnessing energy in a cleaner, more reliable and affordable way. It’s an obvious […]

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Driven by Sunshine – What’s the Future for Solar Transport?

With daily news on declining oil reserves, shrinking rainforests from deforestation, not to mention the effect burning fossil fuels continues to have on the health of our planet, putting the magnificent energy source shining above us to good use, seems worthy of exploration.

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It’s For You, Mr. Bell!

If there’s one invention that has transformed the lives of almost everyone, it’s the telephone: first of all by bringing relatively cheap, instantaneous communications to millions around the world and subsequently by serving as the launchpad for much of today’s medium of choice – the Internet. For this, we have to thank one man in […]

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Potato Power To The Rescue

Electricity! In previous blogs we’ve written about alternative energy sources such as concentrating the sun’s power using mirrors and even the way ancient people exploited animals like the electric ray for therapeutic purposes. But what if we could harness the natural world – including ourselves – to generate electricity?

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Who Cut The Lights?

Power consumption during the biggest event in the United States sports calendar has caused lively debate for several years now. On the one hand, electricity consumed by all those large-screen TVs rises dramatically during the Big Game; on the other, analysts suggest the collective experience of watching the game may actually reduce demand because we […]

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No Batteries Required

  Researchers at the University of Bedfordshire, in Great Britain, have been searching for an alternative to the humble household battery that we have all become so familiar with.

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