Stan In Love? … It Must Be Summer! (Special Offer)

It’s that feelgood time of year – days are at their longest, we can finally ditch the winter jumpers and head to the countryside or the beach with our nearest and dearest. Summer is many people’s favorite season, but what’s perhaps surprising is that the warmer temperatures and brighter days could be having a real […]


The Future is 2D

 Credit: Karin Söderlund Leifler We’ve all heard of graphene – the ground-breaking 2D material which has been developed by a team of British scientists and is thought to have huge possibilities for filtering water among other things. But although the most famous, graphene isn’t the only 2D material out there and development continues apace to […]

By Joanna | Biology . Physics . Science

Handy Tips for Hand Rehabilitation

With advancing years we have to acknowledge the effects of age on our bodies but we often don’t give a thought to our hard-working hands.  In one person’s lifetime they will flex and extend their fingers, on just one hand, around 25 million times! Did you know that around 1/4 of all your body’s bones […]


Realism Essential For Learning

They say that practice makes perfect and surgeons are always aiming to perfect their technique. One way for surgeons, orthopedists and medical engineers to practice surgical procedures is by using artificial bone. However, it is vital that such bones resemble the real thing as closely as possible, so the professional has a realistic experience when […]

By Joanna | Medical Education

The Business of Bones

Here at 3B Scientific we supply replica skeletons to our clients in the medical and educational sectors. However, one of our customers has taken the business of bones to a whole new level… When you see skeletons of people and other animals in class or a museum, they’re replicas, right? Well, yes… sometimes!  

By Joanna | Anatomy

Healthy Future For Word Nerds

  Community libraries have taken a blow over recent years.  The internet and modern technology has seen a dramatic change in how we source our daily news, research information and literature. However, despite an initial decline in community support, some libraries are bouncing back with creative and practical ideas to boost their visitor numbers.

By Joanna | Education

Get Your Geek On in Texas

If you're a Science Teacher or Administrator in Texas, chances are you'll be attending the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching 2012 (CAST).  This is a great fun environment to discover new ways to enrich your science class with plenty of things to see and do.  

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Anatomy as Art – What lies beneath the surface?

It’s not often that the worlds of fashion and anatomical models collide but when they do you can expect something quite extraordinary!  This unusual photoshoot aims to educate by revealing  exposed bones, tissue, muscles and ligaments amongst the organs that make life possible. We doubt you've ever been to anatomy class quite like it!

By Joanna | Anatomy