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Conquering Pain With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Even though we have all felt pain at some point in our lives, describing it accurately to a medical practitioner can be complicated. Pain is the main reason people visit their local doctor as it is one of the most common symptoms we experience. Pain is the way our body tells us something is wrong. […]

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Maternal Mortality, Childbirth & The Importance of Education

In recent years, many of the younger members of the royal families from around the world have been getting married and starting families. Most of these new parents can expect the best care modern medicine can offer during the pregnancy, the delivery and the first weeks of having their new baby home. However, this was not […]


Challenges of Spine Interventions Training

A study, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has reported that back pain is often the leading cause of disability around the world and due to our ageing population this trend is only likely to continue. Comprehensive and robust training for interventional pain management is important if medical professionals are going to keep up with patient […]


The International Year of Light – Will You Become a LLLT Practitioner?

“Light-based technology has and will continue to reshape how we diagnose, treat and prevent clinic conditions in medicine, dentistry and veterinarian specialties. It is very important that the world be informed of the major advancements that have taken place in the clinical arena over the last 1,000 years. ASLMS looks forward to highlighting the International […]


Winter Injuries – Prevention Better Than Cure

With Winter weather loudly knocking at the door, it’s that time of year when rates of sickness and injury are at their highest.  Illness and injury can affect anyone, from the young and elderly, who are more vulnerable compared to the fit and active, who perhaps increase their risk by participating in Winter sports such […]


Help Promote Good Posture In Children

Poor posture is a global problem that’s only getting worse. As the world continues to become more sedentary and society more “electronic”, health issues relating to bad posture are inevitable unless conscious action is taken.  The good news is that almost everyone can avoid the problems of poor posture. Ensuring children form good habits regarding […]


The Future of Massage Therapy – 2015 and Beyond

Whilst it is difficult to foresee the future of what is still considered a fairly new health benefit, there’s a general sense that the global approach to Massage Therapy is full of possibility and potential.  The last 50 years have already seen significant advances and as the world population has become increasingly unhealthy & stressful, […]

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Straighten Up, Move & Quit Smoking!

World Spine Day is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the backbone of our health.  Our spine is quite literally a central core to our well being.  If you’ve ever had any back pain, you’ll know how immobilising and painful it can be. Our sedentary life-style does very little to help our posture and improve […]

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