Time For Men To Take Their Health Seriously

OK, before we get ready to shave off our moustaches as Movember draws to a close, let’s not forget – amid all the fun and frolics – that men’s health is a serious issue.

By Joanna | Biology . Health . Medical Education

Earn a Special Award from the President!

The search is on!  Between now and September 2011, 1 Million Americans are needed .. The President’s Challenge is for everyone .. all ages, all abilities!  Run by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, this initiative runs alongside the ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign started by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Let’s Move is targeting the […]


“Cycling to work” could take on new meaning

You sit at your desk every day. The company gave you one of those nice ergonomic chairs with a comfy back rest. You do a good job and you’re conscientious in every way. Occasionally you ‘mix it up’ with a walk to the coffee machine and might even venture outside to the Deli at lunchtime. […]


Will taking toys away from children make a difference?

Taking toys away from children may sound a little harsh but that’s exactly what San Francisco has just done by banning the Happy Meal Toy that our children have become so familiar with.  San Francisco isn’t alone in thinking that this is a positive step forward in the fight against obesity.  Neighboring Santa Clara made […]