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Stan In Love? … It Must Be Summer! (Special Offer)

It’s that feelgood time of year – days are at their longest, we can finally ditch the winter jumpers and head to the countryside or the beach with our nearest and dearest. Summer is many people’s favorite season, but what’s perhaps surprising is that the warmer temperatures and brighter days could be having a real […]


Is Using Real Bodies The Only Way to Teach Anatomy?

In recent years, newspapers in the UK, Germany and North America have been reporting an unexpected problem for medical schools. The rising cost of a funeral, which can run to as much as $10,000 US, is prompting more people than ever to consider donating their bodies to medical science after they die, rather than opt […]

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Medical and Health Education for Kids

In the US, every year, roughly 50,000 hopeful students, in roughly equal numbers, male and female, apply to get into med-school, according to AAMC statistics*. However, just over 20,000 actually start the first year.   Despite successful entrance to med-school increasing by almost 22% in the last 20 years, perhaps a bigger focus on teaching basic medical education to children would encourage these numbers to grow at a faster pace?

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The Body Snatchers!

  It’s almost Halloween and this is the time of year when Stan and his pals love to read gruesome stories from the past…. Gather round to hear the gruesome real-life stories of The Body Snatchers!! … Mwhahaha…

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Hands on Science Gifts For Everyone

With plenty of opportunities for present giving and receiving at this time of year, the 3B Scientific Team are especially pleased to share their exciting new Gift Catalog with you. Who are you shopping for today? Whether it’s tricky teenagers, a favorite science teacher, expectant parents, geeky friends, anatomy students, gadget fiends, or even great […]

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