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Kinesiology Taping for Cancer Patients

Lymphedema can be a condition from birth but more typically it occurs following surgery, injury or cancer treatment. Frequently, lymph nodes, the small glands that collect bacteria in the lymph fluid, are removed from cancer patients to prevent the spread of the disease.  Lymphedema is a chronic and painful disorder, occurring when the lymphatic system […]


Winter Injuries – Prevention Better Than Cure

With Winter weather loudly knocking at the door, it’s that time of year when rates of sickness and injury are at their highest.  Illness and injury can affect anyone, from the young and elderly, who are more vulnerable compared to the fit and active, who perhaps increase their risk by participating in Winter sports such […]


Kinesiology Tape Training Boosts Skills for Physical Therapists

One technique that’s bound to be much in evidence in therapy clinics this Fall and Winter is the use of kinesiology tape.  Many Physical Therapists are adding to their skills portfolio by embarking on Kinsiology Taping Training.

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Volleyball Winners Embrace Success at 50+

We were very proud to sponsor the German team of the ladies 50+ volleyball competition which took place last month in Moscow.


Athletic Trainers & Massage Therapy – It’s a big week for 3B

It's a busy time of year for the team here in Atlanta.  We're packing our suitcases and heading off to Las Vegas for the 64th Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia of the National Athletic Trainers' Association.  …and no sooner have the doors closed on the final day of the convention, on the 27th, than we're […]


Physical Therapy Professionals gather in San Diego

No sooner are the festive holidays over than several of our 3B Scientific Therapy team members are off on their travels.   The annual American Physical Therapy Association CSM will be held in San Diego, CA, and Zach and Colin will be there to demonstrate products and answer all your questions. Take a look at just […]


What are Shin Splints?

If you know any runners, you may well have heard one of them say that they are suffering from ‘shin splints’.  Alternatively, you may be experiencing pain down the front of your lower legs and are wondering whether you should see someone about it.


3B Tape Gets The Thumbs Up From Elite Swimmers

Kinesiology Tape is becoming more recognizable and more main stream.  If you've been watching any sports on TV this summer – pretty hard to miss 😉 – you'll have become familiar with the garish stripes of colored tape being used by elite athletes from all around the world. 3B Tape is the choice of many […]