Challenges of Spine Interventions Training

A study, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has reported that back pain is often the leading cause of disability around the world and due to our ageing population this trend is only likely to continue. Comprehensive and robust training for interventional pain management is important if medical professionals are going to keep up with patient […]


Formaldehyde as a Carcinogen – How Do We Protect Medical Students?

Formaldehyde has long been used as an effective preservative on cadavers, either by undertakers as part of the embalming process, or by hospitals or universities which need to preserve whole bodies or organs for lengthy periods of time, as the chemicals delay the natural process of decay. As well as being used for preserving organisms, […]

By Joanna | Medical Education . Science

The Changing Face of Transplant Surgery

2015 marked ten years since the first-ever human facial transplant surgery took place, in France, in November 2005. Isabelle Dinoire was badly mauled by her dog and underwent a partial facial transplant of the nose and mouth. Whilst this event was deemed a milestone for transplant surgery, ten years later, there have been significant advancements in this field across the world.

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Murders, Cadavers and the need for Anatomical Models

Human beings are a curious lot and throughout history there have been some extraordinary ways that we have sought to inform future generations of our discoveries. But in order to get an accurate idea of how the body works, you have to have access to detailed teaching models.  Here at 3B Scientific we’ve been fascinated […]

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