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After the Paris Climate Talks – Can We Save Planet Earth?

During the final month of December 2015, 150 World Leaders, including Presidents Obama, Putin & Xi came together in Paris to try to reach an agreement about how to tackle Global Warming.  Newspapers and news stations around the world followed 'will they/won't they reach a deal' headlines and whether these talks would signify a tangible move forward to find […]


Phantom Limb Pain & The Man Whose Leg Was Attached to His Arm

Limbs are amazing and complex things, especially in terms of the way our brain communicates with them. Unlike some animals, we humans can’t simply regrow a limb if we lose it. What’s more, our body’s control systems can become seriously confused. Take the phenomenon of phantom limb pain, which is often experienced by amputees.


Massage Therapy Licence Bill Causes Concern in Utah

  If you're a Massage Therapist in Utah then you may well have heard about the commotion a proposed new bill is making.

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Steam Trains Return Underground for Celebrations

The London Underground train system, affectionately known by Londoners as 'The Tube', has been celebrating it's 150th birthday.  London's Metropolitan Railway was the first underground rail network and the original 4 miles between Paddington and Farringdon opened in January 1863. To celebrate the 150th anniversary, one of the original steam trains and it's carriages were restored to their former glory.  Ordinary […]

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Why you should worry about the decline of STEM

The Royal Academy of Engineering has just released a report stating that whilst engineers underpin the UK economy, they are in short supply.  Worryingly, this appears to be a common theme in the United States too.  Schools, these days it seems, are simply not producing enough STEM graduates. How can we address this issue?


Stub it out in Stoptober!

  “Why should I quit?” & “How can I quit smoking cigarettes?” are the two questions answered by a UK initiative backed by Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation this month. The initiative, called ‘Stoptober’, calls on the 8 million English smokers to attempt to quit smoking during October.  By focusing a concerted […]


Royal Visit – Newlyweds Tour Cutting-Edge Medical Facility

There will be lots of excited people and nervous preparations being made at The Ward of the 21st Century at the University of Calgary's Research and Innovation Centre today. The reason..? Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whilst on the final leg of their tour of Canada, will be visiting the Living Laboratory […]


Deadly Volcanoes, An Ash Cloud and a Helicopter

Ancient civilizations thought the wrath of gods had been invoked when a volcano erupted.  Today, our scientists are intrigued by the complex nature of these powerful giants. Iceland is again in the news because of volcanic eruptions.  This time it is the turn of Grimsvotn.  In 2010, it’s unpronounceable cousin, Eyjafjallajokull, spewed ash and debris […]