A Question of Science

The Scientific Revolution was an incredible time for anyone interested in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Astronomy.  Science really became a subject and no longer relied on myth and magic for explanations.  Credence was given to some pretty weighty issues and astronomy was a major force in shaping the thoughts of early followers of science. When […]

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Are You The Center Of The Universe? Think again.

In the 16th Century, the Polish Astronomer Nicholas Copernicus thought that the sun was the center of the Universe with Earth and the rest of the planets circling it.  However, today we know that there doesn’t seem to be a center of the universe and that it is much more vast than Copernicus could ever […]

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$500,000 For Looking For Something That Isn’t There.. Or Is It?

Four astronomers have been awarded the 2011 Cosmology Prize from the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation.  The Gruber Foundation honors individuals that carry out groundbreaking work and research in the fields of Cosmology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Justice and Women’s Rights.  The winners of this year’s Cosmology Prize will share the $500,000 award. The four scientists have […]

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“Water, water everywhere…”

In the words of the English Poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge: “Water, water, everywhere Nor any drop to drink.” These words were made famous by Coleridgeʼs ʻThe Rime of the Ancient Marinerʼ and told the story of an old sailor lost at sea with his crew slowly dying of thirst. So what exactly is seawater and […]

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From Slavery to Rocket Scientists

In the month that celebrates the 100th day of school, Presidentʼs Day, Valentines Day andGroundhog Day, February is also known as Black History Month. We can thank Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950) for realizing that most textbooks of his timepaid little attention to the achievements of African American men and women. Today, we can celebrate a […]

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