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New from Medica – normal birth to Caesarian section: This is how to practice obstetrics/midwifery

“Trial and error” is not an option for those in the medical profession. They must make no errors from the outset to the greatest extent possible. There is a very high level of responsibility in obstetrics in particular. For pregnancy and birth, the professionals must be one hundred percent competent to ensure the patient feels […]

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Ozzy Osbourne, Smashing Strawberries & The Building Blocks of Life

The 9th  DNA day was held recently to commemorate the successful completion of the Human Genome project and the discovery of the DNA double helix that we all easily recognize today.  Of course, the work that Watson and Crick completed in 1953 has continued to develop new areas of research. Those three little letters ‘D […]

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Are You The Center Of The Universe? Think again.

In the 16th Century, the Polish Astronomer Nicholas Copernicus thought that the sun was the center of the Universe with Earth and the rest of the planets circling it.  However, today we know that there doesn’t seem to be a center of the universe and that it is much more vast than Copernicus could ever […]

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Kinect with Massage

Jason Stephens is clearly no ordinary massage therapist.  He's just come up with an innovative hack for Microsoft's Kinect that, combined with a projector, allows massage therapists to track the progress of their session. By using the Kinect's ability to judge depth of field and follow the massage therapist's hands, a 'flow field' image is […]

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Can Healthy Eating Be Bad For You?

We're used to being told to eat five fresh portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  We know we should be drinking more water and fewer carbonated drinks.  We agree we should be exercising more. We do our best, but we're not perfect and the odd slip up is bound to happen.. right? So what […]

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Human Polar Bear Takes On The North Pole

If you think some athletes are mad for taking ice baths after strenuous training sessions, to relieve aching muscles and tired joints, then think again.  Madness reaches a whole new level when you watch Lewis Pugh plunge into the icy depths of the North Pole nothing more than an ordinary pair of swimming trunks […]

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Kill or Cure?

Kill or Cure? With recent radiation traces from the stricken Japanese nuclear reactors, in Fukushima, being found as far away as California and Scotland, people are beginning to wonder how to safeguard themselves from irradiation. Supplies of sea salt have almost run out from shops in neighboring Korea.  Sea salt contains iodine and is what […]


When Thunder Roars, Stay Indoors!

Over recent weeks, severe storms have lashed the southeastern United States.  The devastation has been enormous and the tragedy has been felt particularly harshly in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky and now Oaklahoma. The recent tornadoes are some of the fiercest experienced in the US for 40 years and some have been classified as […]

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