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Halloween is just around the corner, are you ready? ..No?  Well, allow us to give you a helping hand with great gift & 'spooktacular' recipes to make your Halloween the scariest & best ever!

Halloween just wouldn't be complete without great costumes, decorations and ghoulish trick-or-treating. So have a look at what the team here at 3B Scientific came up with to help you have a spooky Halloween.
Brain Freeze Ice Tray

When guests arrive at your Halloween party, be sure to offer them something to revive their spirits.

A spooky cocktail will go down well but be careful to warn your guests of brain freeze!

Simple food coloring can add some ghoulish hues to your favorite thirst-quenchers.

Alternatively, try adding a baby pickled beet on a cocktail stick to your Martini .. the beet will look as though it's bleeding into your drink!

Bloody Fingers

Every party needs Finger Food … but we like to serve something up with a difference on Halloween!  Our 'Bloody Fingers' are bound to be a talking point and will generate a few squeals too!
To serve up your own you'll need:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Ketchup
  • Almond flakes

Once you've cooked the hot dogs, use a knife to remove a small section at the end of each one.

Place an almond flake over to resemble finger nails.  

Make a small slice across each hot dog to look like a knuckle and create a realistic finger look.

Place the hot dogs/fingers on a plate and add ketchup.  You can use a fake eyeball from a joke store as a centerpiece. Alternatively, you can make an eye from marzipan and food coloring.

NomSkulls - Kooky Creepy Cupcake MoldsDon't forget to use these super creepy NomSkulls cupcake molds – you'll knock 'em dead with these easy to use silicone skulls.  Fill with your favorite cake batter (coloring optional) and turn into perfectly edible craniums!

Gingerdead Men

You could also serve up a tasty treat with these Gingerdead Men too!

Bake a variety of traditional sweet ginger cookies or try a savoury version with cheese to accompany a dip. 

The Bone Collector Dip Bowl & Spreader Set





And talking of dips…

Home made guacamole looks terrifyingly good in our Bone Collector Dip Bowl and can be served with a selection of crudités and breadsticks.

But we all like something a little sweet with our this is what one of our team has made for you – a Mad Mummy Monster dessert … What do you think?

Halloween Mummy Dessert

Here's how you can create your own magnificent Halloween Mad Mummy Monster dessert:

Use a traditional sponge cake base.  Then add your favorite baked fruit filling (red berries, gooseberries etc.) cooked with sugar, to taste.

Once the fruit filling has cooled, spoon onto the sponge base, use extra berries/fruit to create a dome shape & build up the center.

Next, beat 250-300g of cream until it forms stiff white peaks in the mixing bowl.  

Add the cream over the cooled fruit pudding, making sure you cover the center pile of fruit completely.  

Take one pack of marzipan and roll out using icing sugar to prevent it from sticking to your rolling pin and surface.  

Cut into 'bandage' strips and arrange carefully over the cream and fruit pudding to create a Mummy effect.. make sure you leave space for the eyes!

Using some of the left over marzipan, roll out a small ball and slice in half to form 2 eyes. Use red food coloring to make the pupils and add to your creation! *Optional extra: one plastic spider..or if you're feeling creative you can make one from liquorice!

Make sure you check out our 'Fang'tastic Halloween Gifts - we have Glow in the Dark Skulls, Eyeball Key Rings, Bones, Crazy Feet footprints and lots, lots more! 

Halloween Bones & Gifts






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