Anatomy as Art – What lies beneath the surface?

It’s not often that the worlds of fashion
and anatomical models collide but when they do you can expect something quite

This unusual photoshoot aims to educate by revealing  exposed bones, tissue, muscles and ligaments amongst the organs that make life possible.

We doubt you've ever been to anatomy class quite like it!

Koen Hauser is a highly talented photographer and artist
who, after finishing his Masters of Science in Social Psychology went on to
pursue his love of photography by studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam. 

He created ‘Modische Atlas der Anatomie’ ('Fashionable Atlas of Anatomy') to demonstrate his interests in anatomy and fashion photography.  He used a groundbreaking application of digital
manipulation to create these unusual dissections of the human body.



His approach to anatomy is intriguing. He cleverly displays the 'unseen' working mechanics of the body alongside the more conventional view. Rather than ghoulish, these images capture the imagination and heighten our scientific curiosity about how the human form is constructed. 





Anatomyart2Koen Hauser's work is a vivid demonstration of Anatomy as Art.

Hauser's work has been widely recognized around the world and has been on show in exhibitions cross Europe and the United States.  He has been applauded for his ability to 'peel back the skin' and illustrate the beauty of human anatomy. 

How do you enthuse your Anatomy class students?

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