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“I Did Surgery On A Grape” – The Importance of Medical Simulation

If you’ve been paying attention to memes on social media recently, you might have come across the ‘I did surgery on a grape’ meme. But this is no ordinary internet meme, there’s an interesting  medical simulation story behind it. In this case, it goes back to 2010 when a group of American surgeons actually performed […]

By 3B Scientific | Medical Simulation

OBGYN Skills Lab Training to Enhance Student Training

Medical skills labs with simulators for student training are an established part of a medical faculty’s training program.  They offer a forgiving training environment where mistakes can serve as an excellent training tool.  Skills lab training is well documented for improving procedural skills in both novices and experts.  Whether complex surgical skills or basic clinical […]


Advancements in the Medical Simulator Industry

Providing medical learners with an opportunity for deliberate practice goes towards increased practitioner confidence, competence and improved patient safety through fewer errors.  Whilst some medical professionals are skeptical of the full benefits of simulation in education, with the opinion that medical procedures are often too complex to simulate accurately, the general view is that if […]

By Joanna | Medical Education