“I Did Surgery On A Grape” – The Importance of Medical Simulation

If you’ve been paying attention to memes on social media recently, you might have come across the ‘I did surgery on a grape’ meme. But this is no ordinary internet meme, there’s an interesting  medical simulation story behind it. In this case, it goes back to 2010 when a group of American surgeons actually performed […]

By 3B Scientific | Medical Simulation

Why Is Hands-On Education So Vital For Students?

The improvements made in the past years in consumer technology have meant that more and more people now have access to smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other affordable portable devices. It is not uncommon to come across children using a parent’s phone or tablet rather than taking part in other creative and physical activities. While this [...]

6 Terrifying Surgical Instruments You’ll be Glad aren’t Used Today!

It’s difficult to imagine a time before we could reach for an aspirin to relieve a nagging headache or antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Not that long ago, treatment of a patient was often the best opportunity for doctors to research and practice incredibly dangerous and painful procedures, even for fairly minor complaints.  Up to […]

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