10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher

There are over 20.4 million Americans who practice yoga today, which is more than a 29% increase since the figures were analysed for a 2008 study.  If you’ve enjoyed the benefits of yoga, you may have got to the stage where you’re thinking that perhaps it’s time to take things one step further.


Chronic Back Pain Study Reveals Alexander Technique Success

A recent study by the BMJ has focused on the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique and it’s ability to significantly help people suffering from back pain. 


Don’t be dozy – 8 Reasons to get some sleep!

Sleep – there’s good news and there’s bad news….

By Joanna | Wellness

New Study to Examine How Soldiers Move

Kinesiology researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have recently been awarded a grant of $975,000 via the Navy Health Research Center in the Department of Defense.  Their task will be to study, over the next two and a half years, how the average 100lb equipment load affects the ordinary soldier. They will be […]