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What’s NASA Ever Done For Planet Earth?

– Why Looking For Other Planets and Life Forms Benefits Our Planet. Since President Eisenhower founded NASA and began the space race in 1958, fewer than 600 people have travelled into space. This is a tiny proportion of the world’s population, but the scientific advancements required for space flight have crossed over into our everyday […]

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Philae Robot wakes up on Comet: “Hello Earth! Can you Hear Me?”

211 days after scientists last heard from the Philae lander from the Rosetta spacecraft, a distant ‘voice’ has been heard!  After a particularly bumpy landing, Philae came to rest in an area on comet 67P that didn’t  receive much sunlight causing the European Space Agency to wonder whether it would ever have enough energy for […]

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Rosetta Data Challenges Views on Origin of Earth’s Oceans

  Artist's concept image of Rosetta Orbiter As if November’s historic feat of landing the Philae probe on a comet wasn’t enough, now the Rosetta mission is sending back data that blows a hole in the hypothesis that comets delivered much of Earth’s water to our oceans. Or, if they did, then they weren’t comets […]

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