Loading… The Human Conscience

It sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie; a maverick scientific genius finds a way to save his brain and is able to live forever. Recent advances in technology mean that the idea of “uploading” the parts of a human brain which determine our personality and contain our memories might not be quite […]

By Joanna | Medical Education

Why is the Hole In The Ozone Layer Healing?

It’s surprising to learn that it’s only been 30 years since we first became aware of the hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole and Antarctica. The job of the ozone layer is to filter out medium level ultraviolet light from the sun and, without an ozone layer, the fears were that we […]

By Joanna | Environment . Science

Sunshine for Sale

Growing Demand for Solar Energy Leads to Possibility of Power Imports The UK government is committed to ambitious renewable energy targets as part of an international agreement to reduce global warming. The current target is for 15% of the UK’s energy should be from renewable sources by 2020. We’ve a long way to go to […]

By Joanna | Science

It’s For You, Mr. Bell!

If there’s one invention that has transformed the lives of almost everyone, it’s the telephone: first of all by bringing relatively cheap, instantaneous communications to millions around the world and subsequently by serving as the launchpad for much of today’s medium of choice – the Internet. For this, we have to thank one man in […]

By Joanna | Physics . Science

Some Like it Hot!

The laws of thermodynamics underpin some of the fundamental concepts of the universe. There are four of them but, in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at just two: the first and second laws.

By Joanna | Physics