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Summer Holiday Science – The Physics of Waves

Many of us will be spending our summer holidays on the beach, making sandcastles and dipping our toes in the ocean. But have you pondered questions such as where do breakers come from and why is the sea blue in the first place? These questions can be answered with one word – waves.

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International Day of Light

16th May sees the fourth annual International Day of Light, a worldwide event organised by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of light in science, technology and art. The idea stemmed from the Year of Light held in 2015, which saw over 13,000 events held in 147 countries across the world. The Day of Light […]

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The Interconnectivity of Earthquakes & The Importance of Listening to Chopsticks

Everyone knows about aftershocks following an earthquake, right? Residual, sometimes smaller earthquakes occur some time after an earthquake. But, did you know that a large earthquake could cause a chain reaction and cause further earthquakes in different areas?

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Three Iconic Women Scientists

Despite data continuing to suggest that women have it much tougher than men establishing scientific careers, down the years several pioneering female researchers have swept aside such stereotyping to prove that science is by no means just a man’s world. Here are three legendary women from across the scientific spectrum, who have climbed to the […]

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From STEM to STEAM – the Advancement of Science Teaching

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”William Arthur Ward Education is always topical & in the news as nations drive to empower their young minds with knowledge and bring forth advancements across all subjects. The ‘STEM’ subjects of science, technology, engineering and math are all currently […]

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Some Like It Hot!

What could be a more everyday scientific instrument than a thermometer? But let’s not forget that hundreds of years ago, a thermometer – a device that can measure temperature – was a cutting-edge piece of technology. Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, who was born in May 1686, was the Dutch-German physicist who invented the mercury thermometer 300 […]

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The Renaissance Man

If anyone deserves recognition as the archetypal Renaissance man, it’s got to be Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. Born 562 years ago this month, Leonardo, as most people call him, is celebrated not only as one of the world’s greatest painters but also as a pre-eminent anatomist, mathematician, observational scientist, engineer and inventor.

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It’s For You, Mr. Bell!

If there’s one invention that has transformed the lives of almost everyone, it’s the telephone: first of all by bringing relatively cheap, instantaneous communications to millions around the world and subsequently by serving as the launchpad for much of today’s medium of choice – the Internet. For this, we have to thank one man in […]

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