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Sunshine for Sale

Growing Demand for Solar Energy Leads to Possibility of Power Imports The UK government is committed to ambitious renewable energy targets as part of an international agreement to reduce global warming. The current target is for 15% of the UK’s energy should be from renewable sources by 2020. We’ve a long way to go to […]

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What’s NASA Ever Done For Planet Earth?

– Why Looking For Other Planets and Life Forms Benefits Our Planet. Since President Eisenhower founded NASA and began the space race in 1958, fewer than 600 people have travelled into space. This is a tiny proportion of the world’s population, but the scientific advancements required for space flight have crossed over into our everyday […]

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Where’s the Fun in Physics?

“In science there is only physics – the rest is just stamp collecting” Lord Kelvin It is an interesting concept, “fun physics”.  After all, physics has a reputation for hard math, a complexity of equations, extensive analysis of a hypothesis and typically a crazy haired teacher scribbling on a blackboard!  Despite teacher’s efforts to shake […]

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Philae Robot wakes up on Comet: “Hello Earth! Can you Hear Me?”

211 days after scientists last heard from the Philae lander from the Rosetta spacecraft, a distant ‘voice’ has been heard!  After a particularly bumpy landing, Philae came to rest in an area on comet 67P that didn’t  receive much sunlight causing the European Space Agency to wonder whether it would ever have enough energy for […]

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The Happiness Blanket – Reading Brainwaves not Thoughts

What if you could actually see what your customers were feeling.  That was the idea behind the recent partnership between British Airways and neurofeedback technology companies MyndPlay and NeuroSky. British Airways recently tested out a headset that, coupled to specially designed blanket with fibre optics woven into it, would be able to sense the passengers […]

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A Bloody Miracle!

When you think about it, blood is pretty awesome. We all know that it’s essential for respiration and transporting oxygen around our bodies, but of course it does much more than that. It also helps carry away metabolic waste and plays a significant role in fighting infections. What’s more, blood also acts as a communications […]

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Waggling Honeybees Offer Clue To Environmental Health

Contrary to what we may think, the waggle dance is not the latest twerking sensation to hit YouTube! It’s actually a dance performed by foraging honeybees. What’s more, the dance is now helping scientists understand more about the health of the landscape and the quality of the environment surrounding beehives.

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The Renaissance Man

If anyone deserves recognition as the archetypal Renaissance man, it’s got to be Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. Born 562 years ago this month, Leonardo, as most people call him, is celebrated not only as one of the world’s greatest painters but also as a pre-eminent anatomist, mathematician, observational scientist, engineer and inventor.

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