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Summer Holiday Science – The Physics of Waves

Many of us will be spending our summer holidays on the beach, making sandcastles and dipping our toes in the ocean. But have you pondered questions such as where do breakers come from and why is the sea blue in the first place? These questions can be answered with one word – waves.

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International Day of Light

16th May sees the fourth annual International Day of Light, a worldwide event organised by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of light in science, technology and art. The idea stemmed from the Year of Light held in 2015, which saw over 13,000 events held in 147 countries across the world. The Day of Light […]

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Would You Have Your DNA Tested?

A decade ago, a DNA test was only something you undertook in very specific situations – when the paternity of a baby was disputed, for example. Our increased understanding of DNA and the wider availability of testing kits has made testing for a whole range of other reasons both affordable and practical, with companies such […]

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Graphene Sieve Makes Seawater Drinkable

If there’s an early contender for the word of 2017, it has to be ‘graphene’. Scientists, from the University of Manchester, first developed graphene in 2004 as the world’s first 2D material. Graphene is just one atom thick – one million times thinner than a human hair – and is 200 times stronger than steel. […]

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The Interconnectivity of Earthquakes & The Importance of Listening to Chopsticks

Everyone knows about aftershocks following an earthquake, right? Residual, sometimes smaller earthquakes occur some time after an earthquake. But, did you know that a large earthquake could cause a chain reaction and cause further earthquakes in different areas?

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Could We Be Headed for a Helium Shortage – And Should We Care?

Helium is one of the gases we’re most familiar with – who hasn’t played with a helium party balloon or sucked helium into their mouths to make their voices high pitched? The problem is that helium is a finite resource and, some scientists are worried that if we waste all of our helium on parties, […]

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How Will Humans Evolve During the Anthropocene?

Have you heard of the Anthropocene? It’s a relatively new term, but one which is rapidly becoming commonplace in scientific and geology arenas. Until recently, geologists had labelled that the current geological era, which we are currently in, as the Holocene (the period since the last Ice Age). But there are increasing calls for a new name to […]

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The Science of Color and “That Dress”

In February 2015, a simple picture taken by a Mother of the Bride of a potential outfit went viral. A very simple question about the colour of a dress almost broke the internet. Everyone, from Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, was caught up in a social media debate which […]

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