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“I Did Surgery On A Grape” – The Importance of Medical Simulation

If you’ve been paying attention to memes on social media recently, you might have come across the ‘I did surgery on a grape’ meme. But this is no ordinary internet meme, there’s an interesting  medical simulation story behind it. In this case, it goes back to 2010 when a group of American surgeons actually performed […]

By 3B Scientific | Medical Simulation

The Future is 2D

 Credit: Karin Söderlund Leifler We’ve all heard of graphene – the ground-breaking 2D material which has been developed by a team of British scientists and is thought to have huge possibilities for filtering water among other things. But although the most famous, graphene isn’t the only 2D material out there and development continues apace to […]

By Joanna | Biology . Physics . Science

How did life begin?

We previously contemplated on our blog about how the universe might end (don’t worry, it’s billions of years away!) so now seems like a good time to delve into the other great question that has excited scientists and philosophers down the ages: how did life begin?

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