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The International Year of Light – Will You Become a LLLT Practitioner?

“Light-based technology has and will continue to reshape how we diagnose, treat and prevent clinic conditions in medicine, dentistry and veterinarian specialties. It is very important that the world be informed of the major advancements that have taken place in the clinical arena over the last 1,000 years. ASLMS looks forward to highlighting the International […]


Kinesiology Taping for Cancer Patients

Lymphedema can be a condition from birth but more typically it occurs following surgery, injury or cancer treatment. Frequently, lymph nodes, the small glands that collect bacteria in the lymph fluid, are removed from cancer patients to prevent the spread of the disease.  Lymphedema is a chronic and painful disorder, occurring when the lymphatic system […]


Can Electricity Spark New Therapies?

For centuries people have been experimenting with using electricity for therapeutic purposes. You may remember from a previous blog – The TENS Commandments – that the ancient Greeks and Romans were aware of the benefits of electrotherapy for pain relief during childbirth and in other situations. The trouble is, the only means that they had […]

By Joanna | Electrotherapy

Light at the End of the Pain Tunnel?

We’ve become very familiar with the word ‘Laser’ .. but what does it actually mean?  It stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’ which is a bit of a mouthfull!  What it means, though, is that we are able to direct light rays of a particular wavelength into an intense focused beam…so intense […]