Is There More To Discover About Anatomy?

Modern understanding of the structure of the human body really started with Leonardo Da Vinci. Although better known for his painting, Da Vinci was most interested in how the human body functioned and is thought to have dissected dozens of bodies to deepen his understanding of muscles, bones and tissue. He created over 700 anatomical […]

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Physical Therapy Professionals gather in San Diego

No sooner are the festive holidays over than several of our 3B Scientific Therapy team members are off on their travels.   The annual American Physical Therapy Association CSM will be held in San Diego, CA, and Zach and Colin will be there to demonstrate products and answer all your questions. Take a look at just […]


Mission Impossible? Not for this clever Arachnid

Spiders are a really incredible feat of engineering by Mother Nature.  Did you know that the reason they move the way they do is all down to a type of internal hydraulics.   To understand this you have to firstly understand that this is different to the way that humans move.   For example: raise your […]

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Robots of The Future are Born Today

Creating a robot that moves fluidly and one that responds to gestures, or the pressure of a handshake, has so far been only within the reach of CGI designers of Sci-Fi films.  Enabling a hand-built robot to mimic the human body authentically has proved to be an enormous challenge.

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