Who Am I: Max Planck?

Have you ever played the game ‘Who Am I?’  It’s a guessing game where you use the traits and characteristics of famous or historical people to score points for your team.  You place nametags on the backs of each player and each person has to figure out which famous person they are, only asking ‘Yes’ […]

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The simple route to complexity

Fractals – nature is full of them. Sometimes described as “pictures of chaos”, they are created by living organisms, weather systems, electricity and, even, black holes. So what exactly are fractals?

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Apples and Planets and a Curious Question

January is something of a bumper month for notable birthdays, with two great English physicists born this month – Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. The former climbed to the zenith of classical physics while the latter achieved fame investigating the origins of the cosmos and extending Roger Penrose’s theorem of a space-time singularity in the […]

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Is Twelve a better number than Ten?

Back in the day, many of us were used to counting in twelves: some of us still do. While the UK ditched pounds, shillings and pence in favour of the decimal system of currency in February 1971, things are not quite so clear cut when it comes to other measures. Many people still think in […]

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A Slice of Mathematical Pi

March 14 is a special day for geeks around the world. It’s Pi Day: the date is 3/14 – the first three digits of the constant ratio between the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which school kids everywhere know is approximated to 3.14159. It also happens to be Einstein’s birthday, so there’s a […]

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Why you should worry about the decline of STEM

The Royal Academy of Engineering has just released a report stating that whilst engineers underpin the UK economy, they are in short supply.  Worryingly, this appears to be a common theme in the United States too.  Schools, these days it seems, are simply not producing enough STEM graduates. How can we address this issue?

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