Simulators to Combat Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone

One of the world’s most dangerous places to have a baby is the small African nation of Sierra Leone. Maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone see 1,360 mothers dying per 100,000 live births. This is the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, with countries such as Finland or Greece at the other end of […]


New from Medica – normal birth to Caesarian section: This is how to practice obstetrics/midwifery

“Trial and error” is not an option for those in the medical profession. They must make no errors from the outset to the greatest extent possible. There is a very high level of responsibility in obstetrics in particular. For pregnancy and birth, the professionals must be one hundred percent competent to ensure the patient feels […]

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Look away now … this may hurt a lot!

How many of us decide not to look when we go for a blood test… afterall, looking at the needle is just going to make us feel worse, isnʼt it? And we donʼt want to go all queasy and whimper with pain do we? We tell our children to ʻlook awayʼ, and use all sorts […]