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Is There More To Discover About Anatomy?

Modern understanding of the structure of the human body really started with Leonardo Da Vinci. Although better known for his painting, Da Vinci was most interested in how the human body functioned and is thought to have dissected dozens of bodies to deepen his understanding of muscles, bones and tissue. He created over 700 anatomical […]

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Medical and Health Education for Kids

In the US, every year, roughly 50,000 hopeful students, in roughly equal numbers, male and female, apply to get into med-school, according to AAMC statistics*. However, just over 20,000 actually start the first year.   Despite successful entrance to med-school increasing by almost 22% in the last 20 years, perhaps a bigger focus on teaching basic medical education to children would encourage these numbers to grow at a faster pace?

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How Many Micro Parasites Are Living On You?

The human body is, in fact, a planet in itself; home to many types of micro bacteria, some helpful, some harmful and some even passed down through our DNA from ancient civilizations. Did you know that 90% of cells in our body are in fact microbes that don’t belong to us! It’s miraculous, although a […]

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Stan Skeleton Turns Out To Be A Girl!

Ms. Amber Riddle, a 7th Grade Science Teacher and Softball Coach at Hawley High School in Texas, was certainly surprised when our team got in touch.  It was great to tell her that she had won a full size 3B Scientific Skeleton, worth $299.00, for her class! Ms. Riddle attended the Conference for the Advancement […]

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