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Stan In Love? … It Must Be Summer! (Special Offer)

It’s that feelgood time of year – days are at their longest, we can finally ditch the winter jumpers and head to the countryside or the beach with our nearest and dearest. Summer is many people’s favorite season, but what’s perhaps surprising is that the warmer temperatures and brighter days could be having a real […]


Is Sugar The Demon In Our Diet?

A few years ago we were all being told to cut out the carbs from our diet, and before that, fat was the big enemy. The latest shift in focus appears to have cast sugar as the food group to be avoided at all cost. Public Health England launched a “sugar smart app” at the […]

By Joanna | Food and Drink

Why It May Be OK To Be A ‘Chocaholic’

Perhaps, surprisingly, counter-intuitively, it may be ok to be a chocaholic – so long as we don’t binge on inferior chocolate packed with fat and sugar.

By Joanna | Food and Drink . Health

“Cycling to work” could take on new meaning

You sit at your desk every day. The company gave you one of those nice ergonomic chairs with a comfy back rest. You do a good job and you’re conscientious in every way. Occasionally you ‘mix it up’ with a walk to the coffee machine and might even venture outside to the Deli at lunchtime. […]