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Why Is Hands-On Education So Vital For Students?

The improvements made in the past years in consumer technology have meant that more and more people now have access to smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other affordable portable devices. It is not uncommon to come across children using a parent’s phone or tablet rather than taking part in other creative and physical activities. While this [...]

Is Using Real Bodies The Only Way to Teach Anatomy?

In recent years, newspapers in the UK, Germany and North America have been reporting an unexpected problem for medical schools. The rising cost of a funeral, which can run to as much as $10,000 US, is prompting more people than ever to consider donating their bodies to medical science after they die, rather than opt […]

By Joanna | Medical Education

Learning Lessons From Nature

Biomimicry or biomimetics is big business these days. Borrowing ideas from nature has obvious applications in the world of robotics (see our blog “Machines that mimic nature”) but the concept goes far wider than that: today, the natural world informs the design of everything from phone displays to medical devices and architecture to fasteners. Popularised […]

By Joanna | Science