Which Men’s Health Topics Will You Discuss During Movember?

As the month of November begins, more and more men are choosing to skip their regular shaving practices to grow a moustache for ‘Movember’ whilst creating worldwide conversations about men’s health issues.

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Superpowers – Do They Really Exist?

Throughout history, humans have been obsessed with the idea that some of us have superpowers. Fairy tales and legends are all about witchcraft, people who can fly, see through solid walls or turn into animals. More recently, the cinemas have been full of films featuring Batman, Spiderman or the Avengers, all of which pull in […]


Is Gymnastics “Fantastic” or “Drastic”?

To celebrate the recent National Gymnastics day, we take a look at how gymnastics affects the human body in both the short and long term? Do the health benefits outweigh the potential dangers? And is this a sport to be encouraged amongst the young US population, or one to be avoided?  


June – An Inventive Month

Down the years, June has been a prolific month for inventions: for instance, on 20 June 1840, Samuel Morse – inventor of Morse Code – was granted a patent for telegraphy signal; almost four years later on 15 June, Charles Goodyear received patent number 3,633 for vulcanizing rubber, a process that enabled the production of […]

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Our Man Felix hits the Big Time!

Check this out!  That's our man Felix Fernandez on the bill!!  What a year it's been Felix!

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Weightless Physical Therapy for Runners

For patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries or Stroke, being able to exercise can be extremely difficult and frustrating.  Developing stronger muscles and better co-ordination is imperative in regaining function, mobility and overall better health. When the FDA approved a weightless training system, first used with returning Astronauts from Space, it proved an enormous hit […]


Earn a Special Award from the President!

The search is on!  Between now and September 2011, 1 Million Americans are needed .. The President’s Challenge is for everyone .. all ages, all abilities!  Run by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, this initiative runs alongside the ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign started by First Lady Michelle Obama.  Let’s Move is targeting the […]


Will taking toys away from children make a difference?

Taking toys away from children may sound a little harsh but that’s exactly what San Francisco has just done by banning the Happy Meal Toy that our children have become so familiar with.  San Francisco isn’t alone in thinking that this is a positive step forward in the fight against obesity.  Neighboring Santa Clara made […]