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Stop The Bleed

Did you know that hemorrhage is the #1 cause of civilian and combat deaths? If you were faced with an emergency situation and a person was bleeding heavily in front of you, what do you think you would need to do before the emergency services arrived? 

By 3B Scientific | Medical Simulation . TCCC Training

First Aid – What Should Be Left to the Professionals?

If you’re not medically trained, would you know what to do in an emergency first aid situation? What about if you’re first on the scene of a car accident, or when someone has a heart attack and needs urgent medical intervention to save their life? One of the main barriers to giving prompt attention to […]

By Joanna | Medical Education

Learn CPR and Save A Life

It can happen during a friendly game of soccer, at a store or in the office: someone collapses with a cardiac arrest. Their heart has stopped….

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Shocking New Commercial Highlights Need for First Aid

Here's a thought .. did you know that, whilst you're reading this, 2 people will be killed and about 500 will suffer a disabling injury.  The costs incurred in their medical care will amount to approximately $13,020,000. On average, there are 14 unintentional-injury deaths and about 3,000 disabling injuries every hour! First Aid classes can […]

By Joanna | Medical Education