Medica 2018 – Discover the Future

This November will see the return of MEDICA, the largest medical industry fair in the world. The event will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany from 12 – 15 November 2018.  You’ll be able to discover the latest break-through products that we’ll be exhibiting and join us for interactive demonstrations and hands-on education opportunities.


Formaldehyde as a Carcinogen – How Do We Protect Medical Students?

Formaldehyde has long been used as an effective preservative on cadavers, either by undertakers as part of the embalming process, or by hospitals or universities which need to preserve whole bodies or organs for lengthy periods of time, as the chemicals delay the natural process of decay. As well as being used for preserving organisms, […]

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Are Humans The Only Tool Users?

Recently there was great excitement over the possibility that American alligators – Alligator mississippiensis – place sticks on their snouts to lure birds in search of nesting material, thus marking them out as the only reptiles known to use tools. 

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Anatomy as Art – What lies beneath the surface?

It’s not often that the worlds of fashion and anatomical models collide but when they do you can expect something quite extraordinary!  This unusual photoshoot aims to educate by revealing  exposed bones, tissue, muscles and ligaments amongst the organs that make life possible. We doubt you've ever been to anatomy class quite like it!

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Rare Da Vinci anatomy drawings to go on display at Buckingham Palace

Leonardo Da Vinci’s talents as an artist, scientist and engineer have been admired for centuries.   The man who gave us the Mona Lisa was also able to produce detailed drawings of his concept for a helicopter and theorize about solar power.   But did you know about his talent as an Anatomist?

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