Simulators to Combat Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone

One of the world’s most dangerous places to have a baby is the small African nation of Sierra Leone. Maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone see 1,360 mothers dying per 100,000 live births. This is the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, with countries such as Finland or Greece at the other end of […]

By Joanna Aitkens | Anatomy . Medical Education . Medical Simulation

Reducing Maternal Mortality: Effective Training In Emergency Cesarean Deliveries

Nobody wants to think of worst case scenarios in childbirth, least of all the laboring mother. But it’s something which medical professionals have to think about and keep thinking about until the baby is safely delivered. It’s one of the rare medical situations when you have two patients, both of which need constant monitoring. In […]

By Joanna Aitkens | Medical Simulation

Post Pregnancy – How the Marvellous Human Body Adapts

Pregnancy, and giving birth, is a roller coaster of a ride, which affects women in many different ways.  However, the human body is designed to be pretty much perfect in every way and pregnancy is no exception.  Many fundamental changes take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy; some are visible, others invisible and some […]


Royal ‘Mummy Tummy’ Becomes a Role Model

  As the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William, showed off their new baby son on Tuesday, Kate inadvertently allowed a whole raft of new Mothers to breathe a sigh of relief.   Although she looked radiantly healthy with her signature long brunette hair and subtle makeup, Kate seemed unafraid of stepping into the […]


Every Mother Counts

Becoming a Mother is a life changing experience but in some instances it's life threatening.  We think of women dying in pregnancy and childbirth as something from our history books but sadly this isn't the case.   Amnesty International state that every 90 seconds a woman will die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.  That’s over […]

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