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RealMom 2.0 – The World’s Most Advanced Birthing Simulator

Operative Experience Inc, the world’s only company specialising in hands-in-the-body simulators for obstetrics and trauma care, and a strategic partner with 3B Scientific, has recently announced the launch of RealMom 2.0, the updated model of the ultra-realistic birthing simulator.


Continued Efforts to Decrease Neonatal Mortality and Stillbirth

Advances in medical science over the last century have slashed the stillbirth and infant mortality rate. Before the medical advances made in the 19th century, it is estimated that between 30% and 40% of children born alive did not make their first birthday, and at the beginning of the 20th century in an advanced economy […]

By Joanna | Medical Education

Murders, Cadavers and the need for Anatomical Models

Human beings are a curious lot and throughout history there have been some extraordinary ways that we have sought to inform future generations of our discoveries. But in order to get an accurate idea of how the body works, you have to have access to detailed teaching models.  Here at 3B Scientific we’ve been fascinated […]

By Joanna | Anatomy