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Stan In Love? … It Must Be Summer! (Special Offer)

It’s that feelgood time of year – days are at their longest, we can finally ditch the winter jumpers and head to the countryside or the beach with our nearest and dearest. Summer is many people’s favorite season, but what’s perhaps surprising is that the warmer temperatures and brighter days could be having a real […]


It’s In The Blood

We’ve already seen what a complicated substance blood is (see our blog “A Bloody Miracle”), but did you know that there are some 32 blood groups and that over 600 blood-group antigens have been identified? Some of these are very rare, and some are largely restricted to certain ethnic groups.  Which blood group are you?

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5 Unusual Ways to Look After Your Heart

We all know about the benefits of a healthy diet, reduced stress levels and plenty of exercise but some of the following 'how to keep your heart healthy' tips may surprise you!

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Mission Impossible? Not for this clever Arachnid

Spiders are a really incredible feat of engineering by Mother Nature.  Did you know that the reason they move the way they do is all down to a type of internal hydraulics.   To understand this you have to firstly understand that this is different to the way that humans move.   For example: raise your […]

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