Why Do We Dream?

John Lennon famously said “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one" – and he was right. Whilst researchers are still debating what the function of dreaming actually is, the scientific community agree, almost unanimously, that we all dream. We also know that our dreams are most abundant during the REM […]

By Joanna | Wellness

Handy Tips for Hand Rehabilitation

With advancing years we have to acknowledge the effects of age on our bodies but we often don’t give a thought to our hard-working hands.  In one person’s lifetime they will flex and extend their fingers, on just one hand, around 25 million times! Did you know that around 1/4 of all your body’s bones […]


Why Is Gout On The Increase?

Gout is often thought of as the preserve of old men who are a little too fond of drinking red wine and indulging in rich foods.  Great Britain’s, King Henry VIII (1491-1547) was reported to have suffered from severe Gout.  His lifestyle did nothing to diminish the idea that sufferers were ailing due to their […]

By Joanna | Medical Education

Straighten Up, Move & Quit Smoking!

World Spine Day is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the backbone of our health.  Our spine is quite literally a central core to our well being.  If you’ve ever had any back pain, you’ll know how immobilising and painful it can be. Our sedentary life-style does very little to help our posture and improve […]

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May is Arthritis Action Month

Arthritis is a disabling and painful condition that affects millions of people around the world.  In the US, over 50 million adults and around 300,000 children suffer from arthritic pain.   


NEW Improved Biofreeze Is Better Than Ice

In a study of patients* with bilateral neck pain, Biofreeze® topical analgesic and ice applications were tested to see which gave better, longer lasting results.  Both treatments helped to reduce pain but patients preferred the Biofreeze application 8 to 1 compared to ice.  9 out of 10 patients said that they noticed that the Biofreeze […]


Human Polar Bear Takes On The North Pole

If you think some athletes are mad for taking ice baths after strenuous training sessions, to relieve aching muscles and tired joints, then think again.  Madness reaches a whole new level when you watch Lewis Pugh plunge into the icy depths of the North Pole nothing more than an ordinary pair of swimming trunks […]

By 3B Scientific | Exercise & Rehabilitation . Fitness . Sports . Therapy

“Cycling to work” could take on new meaning

You sit at your desk every day. The company gave you one of those nice ergonomic chairs with a comfy back rest. You do a good job and you’re conscientious in every way. Occasionally you ‘mix it up’ with a walk to the coffee machine and might even venture outside to the Deli at lunchtime. […]