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Who Am I: Max Planck?

Have you ever played the game ‘Who Am I?’  It’s a guessing game where you use the traits and characteristics of famous or historical people to score points for your team.  You place nametags on the backs of each player and each person has to figure out which famous person they are, only asking ‘Yes’ […]

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Time Travel is Possible … sort of

Is time travel possible? In true time travel fashion let’s start with the conclusion. Yes, time travel is possible and has in fact been done before. Going forward in time is actually relatively easy, it’s going forward a considerable number of years or travelling back in time that proves difficult. Take the International Space Station […]

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Physics Can Be Spooky!

  Sometimes real science can be just plain weird or even genuinely spooky. Take the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Albert Einstein famously derided it as “spooky action at a distance” or “spukhafte Fernwirkung” in his original German. So, what’s it all about?

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A Slice of Mathematical Pi

March 14 is a special day for geeks around the world. It’s Pi Day: the date is 3/14 – the first three digits of the constant ratio between the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which school kids everywhere know is approximated to 3.14159. It also happens to be Einstein’s birthday, so there’s a […]

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