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Balancing Your Health With Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the abdominal area, especially the stomach and the spleen, are seen as the ‘kitchen’ of the body, where food is broken down into nutrients for the rest of the body to use. Maintaining these two organs in balance is extremely important as an imbalance can affect all other parts of the […]

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Infant Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture has been back in the news recently after a report that excessive crying in babies can be effectively treated by a course of acupuncture. A study of babies suffering from colic was carried out by a team at Lunds University in Sweden and found that babies who were treated […]


Group Acupuncture Offers Alternative to Knee Surgery

Severe knee pain caused by advancing osteoarthritis affects 1 in 5 Britons over the age of 50.  In Germany, during 2010, approximately 200,000 people were treated for osteoarthritis of the knee with a range of treatments that included strength training and sports physiotherapy in order to manage this extremely painful condition. Many of these patients […]

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