Coming Home for Thanksgiving

Gabrielle Giffords has returned home today to Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, to spend some time celebrating Thanksgiving with her friends and family. Almost 10 months ago, 19 people were shot as Ms Giffords met constituents outside a Tucson supermarket.  Six people died the day that she was shot in the head, at close range. […]


The Scandle you never knew about.. Till Now!

Towards the end of the year, we're all looking forward to the holidays but it's easy to become tired and stressed.  Neck and shoulders easily ache, muscles quickly feel knotted as we carry on our hectic lives and, with the onset of Winter, we often find that skin feels dryer and more sensitive.    So, […]

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Cancer Survivors Unaware of Benefits of Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us, don’t we?  We’ve been told about how exercise helps to strengthen us, burn off those calories and give us a good dose of those ‘feel-good’ endorphins.  All good common sense. But when you’ve been seriously ill with cancer, exercise may not be upper most in your […]


Kinect with Massage

Jason Stephens is clearly no ordinary massage therapist.  He's just come up with an innovative hack for Microsoft's Kinect that, combined with a projector, allows massage therapists to track the progress of their session. By using the Kinect's ability to judge depth of field and follow the massage therapist's hands, a 'flow field' image is […]

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“Cycling to work” could take on new meaning

You sit at your desk every day. The company gave you one of those nice ergonomic chairs with a comfy back rest. You do a good job and you’re conscientious in every way. Occasionally you ‘mix it up’ with a walk to the coffee machine and might even venture outside to the Deli at lunchtime. […]


Look away now … this may hurt a lot!

How many of us decide not to look when we go for a blood test… afterall, looking at the needle is just going to make us feel worse, isnʼt it? And we donʼt want to go all queasy and whimper with pain do we? We tell our children to ʻlook awayʼ, and use all sorts […]


Can you mend a broken heart … with a fish tank?

Billy Ray Cyrus memorably sang about his ʻAchy Breaky Heartʼ and, poor chap, heʼs never been able to get over it. But did you know that while the human heart canʼt currently be fixed once itʼs broken, there is a species on the planet that can fix their own broken hearts? Human hearts are difficult […]

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Who needs the Fountain of Youth when you have a pair of running shoes?

Long distance runners have often been chided for their exercise habits. Great tales of woe have been forecast by usually supportive friends and family. Creaky joints, hip and knee replacements and deterioration from osteoarthritis have all been predicted by well-meaning cynics. However, if you’re a runner you’ll be relieved to hear of a study conducted […]