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The International Year of Light – Will You Become a LLLT Practitioner?

“Light-based technology has and will continue to reshape how we diagnose, treat and prevent clinic conditions in medicine, dentistry and veterinarian specialties. It is very important that the world be informed of the major advancements that have taken place in the clinical arena over the last 1,000 years. ASLMS looks forward to highlighting the International […]


Kinesiology Taping for Cancer Patients

Lymphedema can be a condition from birth but more typically it occurs following surgery, injury or cancer treatment. Frequently, lymph nodes, the small glands that collect bacteria in the lymph fluid, are removed from cancer patients to prevent the spread of the disease.  Lymphedema is a chronic and painful disorder, occurring when the lymphatic system […]


Fight for Every Heartbeat

An initiative by The American Heart Association is raising awareness and encouraging people, of all ages, to make even small differences to their lifestyle to improve the health of their heart. With one in four deaths in the US caused by heart disease and over seven million people worldwide suffering a heart attack each year, […]


The Benefits of Models and Simulators in the Spine Industry

From the Atlas vertebrae connecting the spine to the skull, to the tiny coccyx bone at the base of the lower back, the spine is one of the most complex structures in the human body. Named “Atlas” after the mythical Greek Titan, burdened with carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, this vertebra allows […]


Winter Injuries – Prevention Better Than Cure

With Winter weather loudly knocking at the door, it’s that time of year when rates of sickness and injury are at their highest.  Illness and injury can affect anyone, from the young and elderly, who are more vulnerable compared to the fit and active, who perhaps increase their risk by participating in Winter sports such […]


Help Promote Good Posture In Children

Poor posture is a global problem that’s only getting worse. As the world continues to become more sedentary and society more “electronic”, health issues relating to bad posture are inevitable unless conscious action is taken.  The good news is that almost everyone can avoid the problems of poor posture. Ensuring children form good habits regarding […]


The Art of Recovery

National Physical Therapy Day in September and National Physical Therapy Month, hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in October are important entries on our calendar as a time to recognise the contribution that Physical Therapists bring to everyday lives around the world.  But what are the myths that surround this caring and healing […]


Protect Your Kids …With A Safety Suit?

Did you know that 1 in 3 people won’t help someone in need of first aid treatment in case they get sued?  63% of those surveyed* also said that they wouldn’t help someone who was sick because they felt they didn’t know enough about how to care for them!