Stan In Love? … It Must Be Summer! (Special Offer)

Stan In Love? … It Must Be Summer! (Special Offer)

It’s that feelgood time of year – days are at their longest, we can finally ditch the winter jumpers and head to the countryside or the beach with our nearest and dearest. Summer is many people’s favorite season, but what’s perhaps surprising is that the warmer temperatures and brighter days could be having a real effect on our bodies too. Scientists have compared that feeling we get when summer begins with the hormones released when we fall in love.

Fewer Heart Attacks in Summer

One of the most startling pieces of research comes from a Swiss team, which used data from studies across Europe, to show that you’re less likely to have a heart attack in summer than at other times of the year. So what’s going on? Well, it seems as if it’s the lifestyle factors which change our risks of heart disease over the summer months. In summer we’re more likely to go for a walk along the beach with our loved ones and choose salad for dinner. In winter, it’s too cold to venture out, so we wrap up on the sofa with a TV boxset and family size bag of chocolate or other unhealthy snacks. Blood pressure comes down in summer, cholesterol levels in the blood are lower, and even waist circumferences come down during the summer months.

Genetic Changes?

A 2015 study by Cambridge University found that there might be something going on at an even deeper level in our genes. Researchers looked at inflammatory genes in our DNA, in particular the genes responsible for immune response. In northern Europe, where the body gears up to fight off coughs and colds over the winter months, far more immune system genes were found in the body at that time of year. Results were compared with Gambia, in West Africa, where the temperature varies little across the year. Interestingly, researchers found that immune genes in people there greatly increased in numbers during the rainy season, when the risk of being bitten by a mosquito and contracting malaria is elevated.

3B Scientific Stan In Love

Has Stan lost his mind to love?

Mood and Hormones Over Summer

The link between warmer brighter days and a lifting in our collective mood sounds obvious. We’ve all heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which sees sufferers falling into a depression as the days start to shorten. So it stands to reason that people who live in places which are bright and sunny year round are happier, right? It might sound like common sense, but there’s little evidence to back up the theory. Studies have shown that people living in sunny California areas are no happier than people living in the rainy and often cold Midwest. And people living in Iceland, which only gets around 4 hours of daylight in December, report some of the lowest levels of SAD on the planet.

Stan in Love! Heart, brain, DNA & hormones are all in sync.

Just Like Falling in Love?

The general summer vibe is relaxed, giving people more opportunities for partying, socialising or just hanging out with friends. It’s, therefore, no surprise that summer is a peak time for new romances. Many young people are on a break from school or college during the summer and free to develop new relationships. During summer it’s warm enough to wear more revealing clothing, which could lead you to noticing someone for the first time. There’s also been a lot of research into the physical changes in our brain and body when we fall in love. Being in love, or more accurately lust, with a new partner has been shown to get blood flowing to the pleasure center of the brain, the nucleus accumbens, which “lights up” when someone is in love. Dropping levels of serotonin, the hormone associated with obsessive compulsive disorder see us become totally focused on our new love. Seeing an attractive face activates the same area of the brain on which opioid pain killers work and the release of dopamine can make us euphoric. Although falling in love and summer make our brains and bodies react in different ways the end result is similar – we’re happier, healthier and more ready to fall in love over the summer months.

Fall in Love with Stan

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