Go Green! – Initiatives to Protect our Precious Planet

Go Green! – Initiatives to Protect our Precious Planet

The recent annual initiative of Go Green week, organized by People and Planet, assists the global drive of environmentally focused businesses, charities, education centers and individuals who want to make a difference in providing a sustainable planet for future generations. 

2015’s Go Green week also coincided with Global Divestment Day, a leading initiative where 450 separate events took place on six different continents to encourage divestment from fossil fuels

How can we lead by example as Educators and create more enthusiasm for environmentally friendly projects?

A Fossil Free Future

Many universities, both directly and indirectly, support fossil fuel industries via research, investments and partnerships with leading fuel companies. 

Go Green Week, arranged by schools, colleges and universities, raises awareness into the issues our environment faces and the actions that can be taken by everyone from the homeowner or school teacher to the architect or house-builder to make a difference to climate change.  This year a key focus was on their “Fossil Free” campaign.

Green Ideas For Everyone 

The US Environmental Protection Agency helps Americans with “green ideas” to improve the nation's land, water and air quality.

Rising temperatures and changes to the environment can be related to an increase in floods, tsunamis and tornados. Greener alternatives are essential. 

At Home

  • Energy efficiency and using “clean” energy sources are vital considerations. Improving Original Power House
    energy efficiency can be as simple as using “energy efficient” light bulbs to ensuring your refrigerator and heating system use the latest energy efficient technologies. 
  • Composting is a great way to reduce methane, a potent greenhouse gas. 20-30% of waste in US bins is thought to be compostable!
  • The average American family uses 300 gallons of water per day.  Understanding our water consumption and where savings can be made for better efficiency are essential to preserving supplies.

In The Community

  • W49465R-WXL_01_Recycling-Tee-Shirt-Womens-Fitted-Tee-X-LargeRecycle more. Use the government facilities available and encourage others as well.  Which recycling initiatives are available in your area? Take a look at these recycling initiatives around the world
  • Participate in green sports. Make the most of the natural environment.
  • Consider “Green Buildings”. In the US alone, building new houses uses serious amounts of natural resources. Each year, 15 trillion gallons of water (14% of total supply), 3 billion tons of raw materials (40%) and 39% of energy goes into building works, according to the US Green Building Council.

At School

At work

  • Plan environmentally aware events for employees and clients.
  • Support “working from home” initiatives to reduce commuting.
  • Consider Green Building. According to a study by the Center for the Built Environment at University of California, green offices are more productive with a greater level of employee satisfaction. 


On The Road

Go Green – Delve into our Teaching Tools! 

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