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They say that practice makes perfect and surgeons are always aiming to perfect their technique.

One way for surgeons, orthopedists and medical engineers to practice surgical procedures is by using artificial bone. However, it is vital that such bones resemble the real thing as closely as possible, so the professional has a realistic experience when working with them.

Regardless of whether you specialise in fractures on arms and legs, jaw surgery or pelvic implants, 3B Scientific’s recently developed ORTHObones perfectly resemble their genuine human equivalent in terms of form and mechanical characteristics. The key to this impressive realism lies in the product’s innovative two-part manufacturing process using a special mix of synthetic materials. These artificial bones are specially constructed to simulate the two distinct layers of real human bones: the hard outer cortical shell and the softer inner cancellous or spongy bone.

A key aspect of this realism is that ORTHObones can be easily viewed when X-rayed, in contrast with some other artificial bones on the market. This aspect was highlighted at the recent European Pelvic Course at the Department of Anatomy of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany attended by some 60 participants. The delegates also found ORTHObones realistic and easy to work with, particularly when sawing and drilling. 

Screenshot 2014-06-10 15.42.56ORTHObones are designed to enable surgeons and orthopedists to perfect their skills, practice new techniques to perfection, and regularly test their ability to carry out common procedures. They are designed to offer value for money coupled with an anatomically correct practice environment.

Equally, manufacturers of medical implants, endoprostheses and similar products can also take advantage of ORTHObones. They can test and optimise their products during the development phase, at low cost. Furthermore, ORTHObones are invaluable for use in workshops and presentations, enabling participants to get a feel for a product under realistic conditions.

Several skeletal parts are available as ORTHObones, including: 


If you'd like to learn more about our full range of 3B Scientific ORTHObones, please click the image below: 

3B Scientific ORTHObones


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