Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Any Orthopaedic Surgeon or Orthopedist will tell you that it requires skill, dedication and many years of education to perfect the surgery and treatments that are needed to correct broken, diseased or deformed bones.   Practicing complex orthopedic techniques is important. Student surgeons need to learn from mistakes but in an environment where patient care isn’t compromised and long term side effects from medical errors are only confined to the classroom, preferably on orthopedic workshop bones.

3B Scientific® ORTHObones have been designed to offer entirely realistic human bone for surgeons, orthopedists and medical engineers.  They offer an opportunity to practice new techniques to perfection and regularly test their ability to carry out common procedures.

 3B Scientific® ORTHObones

With the reassurance of high quality German design and manufacture, 3B Scientific®  ORTHObones can also offer a realistic opportunity for manufacturers of medical implants and endoprostheses to test and optimise key products during development phases.

With 2 out of every 100 Americans having an artificial joint, there is more need to ensure that those in charge of their care have the opportunities to train to the very highest levels.  For those Americans with artificial joints, the most commonly replaced are the knee and hip joints with 5% having replaced a knee and 2% replacing a hip.  That’s a staggering 600,000 knee replacement surgeries and 400,000 replacement hip surgeries taking place every year!  7 million Americans are now living with artificial joints.

We all know that our improved healthcare and access to better nutrition means that we are able to live longer but unfortunately, there’s a downside.  As we live longer we encounter more complications and our joints have more opportunity to wear out.  Obesity and Arthritis   are regularly causing extra toll on our joints, whilst being active for longer also helps to ‘wear out’ our joints, too.

Osteoporosis Care

Not long ago, it was thought that very little could be done to avoid the problems caused by weak bones.  The affects of old age were thought to be unavoidable and that age was a major culprit in declining bone health.  The Surgeon General’s 2012 report pointed out the many causes and costs of weak bones, the need to take responsibility for our bone health and tips for keeping bones strong.

Novice surgeons need time and opportunity to perfect surgical skills that will help ease the pain and discomfort that joint and bone complications can cause.

Knowing how bone will behave in realistic surgical and treatment situations is vital in order to elevate skill sets to the highest levels.  If we are to continue to produce highly trained and experienced surgeons, doctors and medical practitioners than we must continue to develop technically accurate and realistic medical simulation tools to complete their education.

3B Scientific® ORTHObones provide surgeons, orthopaedists and medical engineers with artificial orthopedic workshop bones that perfectly resembles a human bone in both form and characteristics.  Each 3B Scientific® ORTHObones piece delivers impressive realism by way of a two part construction of the hard cortical shell (compact or cortical bone) and the cancellous bone material.  This is as close to the real thing as you can get!

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