Volleyball Winners Embrace Success at 50+


We were very proud to sponsor the German team of the ladies 50+ volleyball competition which took place last month in Moscow.

The “Veteranencup” competition is for previously competitive volleyball players over the age of 50.  Players have a wealth of experience of playing at International standards.  Terry Schättler (née Place), for example, made 312 appearances forthe U.S. and 213 for Germany, making her one of the highest achieving female internationals taking part in the competition.

Every 2 years, the competition is hosted in the USA for a ‘World Cup’ style competition.  October saw the teams converge again in the US and the German team won the silver medal.  With this victory they were motivated to achieve even better results in Moscow in December.

3BTape3B Scientific were delighted to offer practical help to the German team and supplied them with bulk rolls of their specialist kinesiology tape, 3BTape, to help the players treat any injuries or weaknesses.  3BTape is regularly used by professional athletes and is fast becoming a ‘must-have’ in sports lockers around the world.  The bulk rolls of 3BTape are especially useful for Sports Teams and Physical Therapy clinics that treat many different types of injuries and conditions. 

Middle blocker, Christine Wenk, said "Our experience with 3BTape has been very positive! It was incredibly warm in the hall and therefore we seemed to sweat more than normal but none of the tapes broke. Of course, that was also good news for Terry who acted as match physiotherapist as she didn’t have to constantly reinforce the taping."

Terry Schättler confirmed, "This 3BTape is good and adheres well; excellent quality. For 3B Kinesiology Tape volleyball players, it is difficult to tape certain areas, especially under the knee pads. But even there it has stuck well. "

The veterans squad from Bavaria included Captain, Terry Schättler, Sigrid Niemczyk, Angelika Reith, Almut Kemperdick-Neumaier and Coach, Klaus Drauschke (all from the Bavarian Volleyball Federation), Verena Jatzko (Volleyball Federation Berlin), Martina Hauschild (Hamburger Volleyball Federation), Gaby Bongers, Barbara Schlosser (both Hessischer Volleyball Federation), Birgit Kuhlmei-Scheppelmann (Lower Saxony Volleyball Federation), Bianca Meyer (Südbadischer Volleyball Federation), Uschi Westphal (West German Volleyball Federation), Maria Bontrup, Gerty Roos (Volleyball national Association Württemberg)

The opening game against St. Petersburg was won by the German team 2-0.  The Germans continued their winning streak by also beating Yaroslavi 2-0.  In the final match, Moscow proved to be a tough team to beat but the German team finally won (25:13, 25:22) and were announced Cup Winners.

“They all fought till they dropped. I’m proud of my girls!” admitted coach Klaus Drauschke.  “I was even asked for my secret training methods!!”



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